Today has been a day from hell. Before I go any further, no I did not pee myself. The wet chair will be explained.

Let’s start at the beginning. The company I work for has a new undertaking which means there are far less parking spaces available on our compound for staff. We therefore have to park in another company’s parking lot next door. This morning there were no more designated parking spaces on our compound but it was pouring so I parked at the office anyway along the driveway. I was later called and told to move my vehicle. I did so. Despite the fact that I used my umbrella on the way back over, my dress got wet (that explains the wet chair).  Oh and not to mention my shoes; my shoes were soaking. No worries though.  If we catch pneumonia we have health cards…You can imagine that I started the day very irritated to say the least.  By the way, after I parked and was walking past the security guard she told me that she nearly brought the thing (whatever you call it) down on my car. A bus was driving out at the same time that I was driving in so apparently she didn’t see me initially. The bus was blocking me.

Fast forward to when I got home and there was a lizard waiting at the door to go inside with me.  If you know me then you know that I have what you may call an irrational fear of lizards. I’ve even moved because a house had too many lizards. A lizard in my house can bring me to tears. Seriously. Anyway, back to today’s lizard. I tried to bring it to KP’s attention (even though the thought of her killing it grossed me out) so that she could get rid of it for me. No such luck. She ignored both me and the lizard and went to drink water. Fine…I went hunting for something to use and found a broom. Luckily when I came back it had gone away.  On that note, I keep a broom inside by the door so that if I’m going outside and anything dares try to run in, I’m ready! It’s a pity I didn’t think about the reverse and have something ready outside too.

My bad day doesn’t end there. So yeah, KP ignored me in my time of need but she still needs to eat, right?  Plus she was out there meowing like she hadn’t eaten in days. (Please note I fed her this morning before I went to work) I started cutting up some chicken for her. Yes, it was already cooked and she’s not an invalid but I go overboard sometimes, okay? In the process of cutting the chicken I cut my finger pretty bad. The damn knife has been needing to be sharpened forever but I’ve been neglecting to do so. I just did it this week so it was nice and sharp, just ready to cut me -_- There’s a trail of blood from the kitchen to my bathroom and even on the wall. My house looks like a crime scene. I tried applying pressure for a while but geez man it just wouldn’t stop bleeding.

I wrapped my finger in a stocking and drove myself to a medical centre. Can I tell you the doctor and nurses found it hilarious that I cut myself while cutting chicken for my cat. One piece a laughing inna di place lol. NUFF laughing.

Me: You know what? I’m going to come up with a better story when people ask me what happened to my finger.
Doc: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: No, hence why I drove myself here.
Doc: Do you have children?
Me: No, but I do have a cat :/
Doc: You’re cutting up chicken for a cat -_- You need something to take care of.
Nurse: You may need stitches. *checks blood pressure* Are you nervous?
Me: Umm yeah! (lol) Can you tell?

We both looked at the machine and started laughing. Hell yes I was nervous about getting stitches and it showed lol.

Fast forward to the injection to numb the area for the stitches.

Doc: Do you curse?
Me: When I’m driving.
Doc: You may curse now. It’s okay.
I got a tetanus shot too. Sigh. This cat owes me money. Then of course I had to fill a prescription for pain meds and antibiotics. By the way, I can’t have dairy while I’m on them. No ice cream 😦

So remember I’ve already come across as the crazy cat lady. Hear this now.

Doc: You were here before. *reads from file* Had swelling to finger after beating centipede with a shoe (Coincidentally he was the doctor who dealt with me then too. Yes, I sprained my finger while beating a centipede to death with a shoe. I freak out easily, okay?)

Me:  *Thinking Lord have mercy I sound like a mad woman* *cracking up* We’ve got to stop meeting like this.

The laughing continued because at the end of everything he added to my file ‘Cut finger while cutting chicken for cat.’

Me: Really? You couldn’t put something that sounds more heroic?

Next he wrapped a bandage around my finger to protect the stitches.

Me: Lawks, it looks like my finger has a turban :/ Can you make it look a little better? (Actually now that I’m looking at it it looks like it could pass for Mr. Peanut Head’s cousin)

Doc: Nope, but the bandage will only be on for three days. In the meanwhile you’ll just have a Taliban finger.

Well, I must say that under the circumstances the team made my experience very pleasant. I’ve never laughed so much at a doctor’s office.

Man, what a day. To top it all off I have a headache now.  I feel like I just want to go into a bubble for a while so that nothing else can go wrong.  I think KP knew tonight was just not the night. When I got home she kept her distance. She has NEVER done that before lol.


Love Affair With An Island

Opening Pic.jpg

I spent ten days in St. Lucia, and I have to say the island truly captured my heart.  Despite being there for work, I was able to squeeze in some time to explore a bit and experience some of what the island has to offer (thank goodness for that day off).  Before I even launch into telling you about the beautiful sights, I must first acknowledge the people of St. Lucia.  Being from Jamaica, an island known for the warmth of its people, I must say that St. Lucia is right on par and giving us a run for our money.  I felt quite at home there.

Funnily enough, I spent Valentine’s Day there, and believe it or not, without even having a significant other there it was one of the most enjoyable Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had.  The people and the vibe made it a great evening, and my co-worker was awesome company.  Yes, we stuck out like sore thumbs amidst the loving couples at dinner at the hotel, but nevertheless, we had a good time.

Fast forward to Friday night, and although feeling tired we decided that we simply had to make use of our time in St. Lucia.  On a Friday night that can only mean one thing; the Gros Islet street party. (The party is named after the town in which it happens; Gros Islet, located in the north)  It ended up meaning that we woke someone up from bed to pick us up and take us (which we felt so bad about), but what did I tell you about the people in St. Lucia? They are absolute sweethearts.  The Gros Islet street party is literally just that; a party in the streets.  A long stretch of road is blocked off and there are loudspeakers along the way blasting music.  You pretty much just walk along until you get to a section in the crowd where you enjoy the music that’s being played and you feel a vibe from the crowd there.  Speaking of the crowd, it truly is a mixture; the locals and the tourists are out in full force, and everyone is just having a good time together. No worries, no cares, just pure fun and enjoyment.  Policemen can be seen along the sidelines keeping an eye out, but not intrusive in any way.  By the way, they play waaaaaay more dancehall than I expected.  I pretty much forgot where I was and thought I was back home in Jamaica. From Alkaline to even a Spragga Benz tune, Jamaica was certainly represented. Oh, and I tried Piton beer (named after the infamous Piton mountains on the island).  Red Stripe is to Jamaica what Piton beer is to St. Lucia. It doesn’t taste quite as strong as ours though.


While I thought Gros Islet would have been the only stop for the night, I was quite wrong.  St. Lucians don’t play when it comes to partying.  After enjoying ourselves there, it was then time to go to Coconutz in Rodney Bay. It’s an open air bar and it had a nice little vibe going.  This was not to be the last stop either.  Next up was Zen, a small club with modern decor elements.

After that we called it a night.  Now that we had experienced some of the night life, next we wanted to really see the island. How better to do that than a tour?  Trying to figure which of the tours would be best required extreme deliberation. We went back and forth on it for quite some time. (What is wrong with us? Lol).  Finally we decided on the Soufriere Adventure, and I’m so happy we did. It was the perfect choice.  If you prefer something fast paced then perhaps the Joe Knows tour would be ideal for you.  From what we gathered, Joe Knows is great if you’re looking for more of a party vibe. Our tour was more on the laid back side, which was more in line with what we wanted.

We met at the marina, boarded the catamaran and were on our way. We hadn’t had time for breakfast so the banana bread and fresh fruits awaiting us on board were greatly welcomed. If driving along we thought St. Lucia was beautiful, seeing it this way, drifting along the ocean was even more of a beautiful sight; one that I won’t forget.  Our tour guide pointed out various sites along the way, such as Anse La Raye (Bay of Stingrays) and Anse Cochon (Bay of Pigs, but no longer so as they ended up as dinner on the tables of the locals). At one point we even saw a pod of dolphins. How awesome is that? No photos to show unfortunately, as they moved so quickly.  The stately Pitons, St. Lucia’s twin volcanic peaks came into view and as we got closer we understood just why they are such an infamous landmark.  They truly are a sight to behold.


The Pitons. Breathtaking right? Photo credit: Tracy-Ann Jerry-Ellis

We arrived at Soufriere, a town located along the west coast of the island, and got into the buses that were waiting to take us to Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens.  There we met our tour guide, ‘Alexander the Great’ or ‘Walking Internet,’ both self-proclaimed titles.  He certainly did seem like the internet. He has such vast knowledge on all the plants and even gave us a few history lessons here and there as we trekked along.  If you do that tour I hope you get Alex as your tour guide. He was so entertaining. He took us up to the waterfalls, and most persons took advantage of this great photo opp.



‘Alexander the Great’

It was then time to get back onto our bus and head to Sulphur Springs Park, home to what is known as the world’s only drive-in volcano.  While there we had the choice of partaking in one of two activities; tour the volcano or have a mud bath (said to have healing properties). We chose the volcano tour.

It was quite a sight to take in; such a vast area, the rising steam. Oh but be warned, it smells! It really does.  The sulphur creates a smell of rotten eggs in the air.  Our guide told us the story of Gabriel, a tour guide who many years ago fell through the crust and received severe burns. Years ago you used to be able to just walk across the landscape but because of Gabriel’s mishap, you are now restricted to view from a platform. Smart idea!  Gabriel created a crater (known as Gabriel’s hole) that to this day you can still see there.


To our disappointment, it felt like the tour of the volcano ended a bit abruptly.  Our guide motioned towards a pathway and said that there is a village beyond there and also a restaurant which only serves chocolate. Having a sweet tooth and also craving more adventure, I was ready to go explore, however the tour does not include seeing the village or the restaurant. I suppose the locals wouldn’t particularly like tourists trekking through their village everyday and I guess who can blame them?  We had already disturbed two little girls who had come down to bathe in the river, which we were told is always warm. We got to feel it for ourselves and indeed it was.


Guess we’ll never know what lies beyond this path.


This is where we got to dip our hands in to feel the warmth of the water.

We boarded the buses again and headed to a quaint restaurant for buffet-style lunch.  I had a little of everything; the chicken, fish, mac and cheese, green fig salad.  The food was soooo good! No exaggeration.  As I type I’m remembering it and wishing I could have a plate of it right now. It didn’t hurt that there was chocolate cake for dessert. Chocolate is the way to my heart!


On the note of food, I found the green fig salad served in St. Lucia to be quite interesting.  What they call green fig is what we in Jamaica call green banana and we simply boil it and eat it with fish or meat.  Both times I had it in St. Lucia it was done as a well-seasoned salad and included ingredients such as pepper and escallion. Codfish or saltfish as we call it in Jamaica can be added.  They even added mayo and this gives it a creamy texture.  It was REALLY good and I am so ready to try preparing green banana this way.

Sidetracking from the tour for a second to show you the green fig salad they served at the hotel (on the left). You can see it better here than you can in the pic above. The photo on the right shows the fried float (looks like a roll), also from dinner at the hotel. In Jamaica we call it fried dumplings and it’s much smaller.

Back to the tour! After lunch it was time to head out.  The buses took us back to the dock and we got back onto the catamaran.  There were more fresh fruits and we were also served the infamous rum punch we had heard so much about.  We sipped as we sailed along and were taken to an area where you are able to snorkel or just swim.

Next up, we sailed through Marigot Bay.  I loved it.  The palm trees make it look like a scene from a post card.


The music got livelier and the crew started dancing.  We sat there watching and feeling quite entertained.  Don’t ask me how, but my co-worker and I found ourselves pulled up to join them and the next thing we knew we became a part of the entertainment and were being cheered on by the other tourists.  All eyes were on us and the crew as we did the ‘Cupid Shuffle’ and ‘Wobble’ lol. Who would have thought we would have been the life of the party? Hahahaha. If you know me, you’re probably finding it hard to imagine that lol.  It was so much fun though 🙂

All good things must come to an end, right?  Well, as such, our tour came to an end.  It was such a great experience, and I look forward to visiting the island again to see what else it has to offer.  There is no way I can fully convey the warmth of the people or the beauty of the island.  You need to take a visit and experience it all for yourself, and when you do, you will fall in love with St. Lucia just as I did.

Tomorrow is Tuesday


This morning I was tiiiiiired after an early flight, but  woke up at the crack of dawn, got dressed and headed downstairs to have breakfast. Feeling as though I looked the way I felt, it was so lovely to hear the kitchen staff tell me that I was beautiful. *Bats eyelashes* He asked where I was from too and very happily I told him, “Jamaica.”  Fellow Jamaicans, is it just me, or do you love telling people you’re from Jamaica?  Anyway, it was time to head out to the airport for another flight, and my cab driver was such a peach.  He told me I looked fresh like summer.  Whatever that means, yaaaay, I’ll take it as a compliment.  Y’all just boosting me up like Supligen. What a great way to start the day. Should just get better from there, right? Well, read on and let’s see.

We chatted on and on and he told me all sorts of colourful stories about his crazy ex-girlfriend and his daughters and their husbands. Picture him as that uncle everyone loves, and with a Spanish accent.  He was a real treat.  After hearing all about him and his life, he then turned the spotlight on me.

Driver: So what are you getting for Valentine’s Day tomorrow?

Me: That would be nothing. Tomorrow is just Tuesday for me.

Driver: Do you have a boyfriend? Husband? Kids?

Me: No to all.

Driver: Well you’re young.  You have lots of time! No worries.

(Yup there go my genes working in my favour; I’m looking youthful as ever lol.)

Me: I’m 28.

(Dropping my age was a game changer because all I got next was a long silence lol. Bear in mind that before this he had been talking like a parrot, then all of a sudden the cat got his tongue)

Driver: Ahhh well you know what they say. Tick, tick, tick, especially when you’re a woman.

Well thanks for the reminder, lest I had forgotten lol. First my grandmother on my case and now a random cab driver. Tick, tick, tick. Sorry, but tomorrow is ‘just Tuesday’ for me lol.  Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds in advance!!!!

Chatting with Grandma


My grandmother is something else.  Today I went to see her for a long overdue visit and we chatted away, going from one thing to the next.  In between telling me how proud she is of me and my sister and that we should keep doing well, she was her usual entertaining self.

Grandma: You like your job?
Me: Yes Grandma.
Grandma: They treat you good? Anyone saying anything about you? I cyaa cuss them off because they’re too far and I don’t do that anymore either. *starts laughing* (Check her back in the day and you would have gotten the tracing of your life lol)
Me: *joining in her laughter* No grandma, you don’t need to tell anyone off.

Later on in our conversation she told me that if anyone at all makes any remarks about me I’m to tell them off.  Watch out world, I have my grandma’s permission to tell you a thing or two lol.

Oh, and we spoke about my hair.

Grandma: *staring at me* Your hair looks funny to me. (She has no filter :/ lol)
Me: It’s because you’re not used to it like this.

Out of nowhere she dropped a topic on me that I didn’t see coming.

Grandma: So you took him home for your mother to see him yet? You know you cyaa tek home just anybody to her. Must be a good man.
Me: *shocked but cracking up* Grandma I haven’t even seen him yet, so there’s no way I can take him home for her to see him. When you go to bed tonight say a prayer that God will reveal him to me.

Of course she started cackling big time.

My phone rang and it was my cousin.  I told her I was with grandma and would call her back.

Me: Grandma, Candace says hi.
Grandma: *gives me a look* So how you never let me talk to her?

Goodness, talk about not letting anything miss her lol.  I called back my cousin and grandma started chatting away to her. She even asked her if she’s behaving herself and being a good girl. I wonder if grandma remembers her grandniece is twenty-eight years old. She probably doesn’t or doesn’t care, because she does the same thing to me too.

We chatted a lot more and then it was time for me to go.  On our way out she stopped to give me some sweets.  No matter how old I get, she still gives me sweets.  While we were standing at the gate our conversation went like this:

Grandma: You know yuh pretty.
Me: *cracking up at how random she is*
Grandma: And look at you laughing. You’re a pretty girl. Make sure whoever you take home to your mother is a good looking man.
Me: Grandma! You’re too much.

Well, my grandmother certainly lay it on thick today. No subtlety whatsoever.  It must really bad when your grandmother starts asking what’s going on. Good looking gentleman, where are you? My grandmother is asking about you.

Loving The Skin I’m In


I love skin care and hair care!  Skin care is definitely going to dominate this post though.  I’m that girl who has honey and baking soda sitting on her bathroom counter.  If you haven’t tried that, you definitely need to.  The exfoliation is amazing and your skin feels so smooth and soft after!  Recently, and by recently I mean just this year, I decided to give makeup somewhat of a break.  I was never one to pile it on.  Lord knows I haven’t mastered contouring or anything like that.  My everyday routine was just some lightly applied makeup.  Even though it wasn’t heavily done, sometimes it felt like a real chore to remove it at nights.   That, along with a ‘new year, new me, unbothered’ feeling and generally just feeling more comfortable with myself helped me decide to start going about my day fresh faced. I totally understand how liberated Alicia Keys must have felt.  That being said, of course there are days I feel like primping, and out comes the foundation, eyeliner and so forth.  Come on now, I didn’t totally give it up.  I’m just glad I’m at a point where I’m equally comfortable with or without it.  Thankfully I had been taking care of my skin, or I can’t promise that I would have been comfortable enough to go without makeup.

That brings me to skin care products.  Recently I came across a natural skin care line called JAMNATURA.  It’s online based and offers a variety of products; soaps, creams, body oils and masks. I’m a stickler for products that are largely organic.  Of course being a Jamaican it sweetens the deal that these products are infused with Jamaican herbs and spices.  Winning! P.S. It doesn’t hurt that the sister duo behind this awesome new line has great skin.  I’m a believer already 🙂 The sisters describe the products as having ‘healing, regenerative and anti-aging properties.’  I’m most excited about the Dried Hibiscus Soap which is stated to offer benefits such as evening skin tone and controlling oily skin and clogged pores.  It gets better…from now until January 28th, 2017 at midnight JAMNATURA is offering 10% off the Dried Hibiscus Soap (while stocks last).  Just enter the promo code ‘HIBISCUS’ when you’re checking out.

Check out the site and see the other products they have to offer.  You’re sure to find something that you like, just as I did.  I’d love to get your feedback.  Let me know what products you’ve tried from JAMNATURA or are going to try, and what your experience is like.

Life with Kitty Puss


I was recently adopted by a kitten.  Yes, I was adopted by her.  I don’t think I had much choice in the matter.  I saw her outside once, fed her and since then she’s become a permanent addition.  Now she presents herself for breakfast and dinner every day.  Funnily enough my boss had been trying to convince me to get a cat. She even offered to go with me to get one but I was worried about it being lonely if I have to leave home for a bit so I didn’t pursue it.  Well, I guess I now have a cat.  I don’t keep her inside because I cringe at the thought of her jumping on my kitchen counter and having a ball prancing about up there.  I also don’t particularly want her in my bed so she’s been forced to reside outside, but heck that’s where I found her anyway.  It seems however that she stays quite close as once I open my door I see a flash of black racing towards me.  I swear she stalks me.  Oh, I didn’t tell you her name.  It’s Kitty Puss.  I’ve been a little off my game lately so I really haven’t been able to come up with a ‘real’ name for the poor kitten.  Kitty Puss will just have to do; KP for short.  I’m actually not even sure if KP is male or female but I’ve decided to refer to it as female lol.

Kitty Puss neeeever leaves me alone.  I’ve had my fair share of cats as a child and by far this is the clingiest one I’ve ever come across.  As I walk she runs all about my feet so I’m forced to walk like a drunk person in my effort to avoid stepping on her.  KP is a very picky eater, and I don’t know how she and I are going to survive her ever changing food likes and dislikes.  I started her off with sausage and she was fine with that.  I ran out of sausage so I then started giving her chicken (from my dinner  -_-).   By the way, I cut up the chicken into bite size pieces for her.  I know she can help herself and I’m going overboard but I can’t help myself.   Okay, so I had no chicken for her one day so I was forced to give her tuna (yes, my good good tuna). She seemed to like it.  I find myself having conversations with her like the poor kitten is capable of understanding me.  This conversation went something like this:

“Do you realize you’re eating my tuna?  You know you need a job right? Please go find a job.”

Fast forward to a few days later when I mixed her tuna with chicken.  Would you believe that Ms. Thing ate the tuna and left the chicken? Getting refined taste and all? Clearly she took my advice and went and found a job.  Over the weekend I realized I had nothing to feed her so I had to share my dinner with her.

“You know this is my good pasta right? You better eat every drop of it. Don’t let me see you leave anything back.”

Oh, she likes tuna again. Hmmm. Well, it seems she’s here to stay so I’m going to make a conscious effort to remember to stock up on tinned sausage for her (and yes I crush it for her).

She’s been trying to take me up on the getting a job thing though. Every morning she follows me to my car and jumps in as though she’s coming to work with me. She legit jumps right in…

“Get out! You’ve got to stop doing this. We have this conversation every morning. Why won’t you listen? Don’t let me tell you again!”

I also have conversations like this with her:

“Awww you ran past your food to come to me. It’s either your nose doesn’t work properly or this is love.”

It seems I’ve officially become the crazy cat lady.  Thanks Kitty Puss -_-


2016: Year in Review

And just like that, it’s 2017 already. Every year we say that the year went by quickly, but for me, 2016 really and truly felt like it just flashed by.  As I usually do, I’ve rounded up the trending topics for the year.

Let’s dive right into it.

Jamaican men seemed to have lost their minds.

As the end of the year approached, there were quite a few cases of men seemingly snapping and brutally murdering their lovers (in some cases ex-lovers).  It all seemed so unreal, but domestic violence is very real.  I urge you to look out for your friends and family members.  Be on the alert for signs of abuse and don’t turn a blind eye.  You could be the difference between them living or dying.

It wasn’t only Jamaican men who seemed to lose their minds; the American police seemed to have gone crazy too.

It became common (too common) to see broadcasts about civilians being killed by the police in the United States of America. More often than not the victims were Black, and the officers’ actions were questionable.  Watching playbacks of the shootings often made me stop and wonder how in 2016 we were seeing such cruel and seemingly racist behaviour. How did we revert to this?

And in other news in America, Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Were you surprised? I was. Why? He made such crass and racist comments yet still he had such a large following.  That in itself made me realize a sad truth.  What do you think?  Did Hillary Clinton not do enough during her campaigning efforts to encourage the public to vote for her?  What were Hillary’s downfalls and what were the things that worked in Trump’s favour?

Fallen icons

We bid farewell to even more musical legends in 2016. I read a tweet that said we should lock the remaining musical greats in a vault to ensure their safety because we can’t afford to lose anymore. Agreed! Prince, George Michael and David Bowie all left us. Prince, he just seemed immortal, didn’t he? Sigh. We also lost actor Alan Thicke. I remember watching him on Growing Pains. I used to love that show. This year we also said goodbye to Fidel Castro; perhaps one of the most controversial figures of all time. Right as we were ready to close 2016, Carrie Fisher and right after, her mother Debbie Reynolds left us too.

Right here in our homeland Jamaica we were reminded that longevity is promised to no one.

Tears flowed for St. George’s College football captain Dominic James who collapsed while playing the game he loved, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Whether you knew him or not, you couldn’t help but feel emotional. I think we all joined in mourning with his coach Neville Bell, his George’s family, parents and other loved ones.  We were plunged into mourning again at the stabbing death of Jamaica College student Nicholas Francis.  Over what? A cell phone.  This child’s life was taken because of a simple cell phone.  Another tragic occurrence was the plane crash in Greenwich Town which resulted in the deaths of Jonathan Worton, Dansheer Gilmore and Ramone Forbes. I didn’t know them, but I really felt it, and seeing posts from friends who actually knew them was very sad.

Delus, there is no way I could go on without acknowledging you. I didn’t know him either but when I read that he had committed suicide I couldn’t sleep. I happened to encounter him once and I very well knew who he was when I was walking past but I continued along as if I didn’t.  He gave me a big bright smile (which I guess is what I remembered when I couldn’t sleep) and said, “Gwaan like yuh doe wah smile.”  It wasn’t said conceitedly; it was all in good fun, and at that point we both burst out laughing.  As Chronixx sings, ‘They see me smile but they don’t know what I feel inside.’

I’d like you all to acknowledge that depression is real.  It is not something made up and it is not a sign of weakness.  We all have our troubles and sometimes it’s harder for some of than others to overcome them.  If someone is brave enough to open up and talk to you about something, don’t trivialize their problems.  Don’t dismiss them and tell them that someone has it worse than they do.  Whether that’s true or not, their problem is still just as important and very real to them.  It doesn’t disappear just because ‘someone else is worse off.’  Hear them out.  Also, don’t just throw a ‘pray about it’ or a scripture at them and send them on their way.  They’re struggling. They need more.  Why not offer to pray with them?  Someone opening up to you is a big step for them, and how you respond can either help or make the situation ten times worse.

For everyone we lost, whether named here or not, rest in peace.

We figured out Kartel’s secret.
On a lighter note….Yes!  We finally figured out how Kartel is still managing to put out music and rule the airwaves.  Okay, actually, the world may never know Adi’s secret but take a look at this video.  It was too funny not to share again.

JLP wins

The Jamaica Labour Party emerged victorious in the February 2016 general election.  Some persons felt that the PNP spent too much time focusing on Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ house versus real issues at hand. What are your views? Whatever the case, I can’t say I’ve ever seen such an interest amongst the younger persons in the population to go out and vote. I hope this trend continues. It was good seeing young people getting involved and making their voice be heard.

X6 Murder Trial

This case gained much public outcry, and even became a trending topic on Twitter.  Quite frankly I don’t even know where to begin to comment on this trial; it all seemed like such a fiasco.  All I will say is rest in peace Khajeel.

Spice served it up hot and spicy.
In honour of our athletes’ outstanding performance at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Government held a reception for them; the Sports Gala and Awards Ceremony, which took place at the National Indoor Sports Centre.  It wasn’t Asafa’s green suit that stole the show, neither was it Usain’s or Julian’s dance moves that left us talking.  No sir, it was dancehall artiste Spice who gave us a performance we will never forget.

For the full story, check out this link for my blog post on Spice’s performance

Portia Simpson Miller announced she is stepping down.

People’s National Party Leader Portia Simpson Miller gave the surprising announcement that she will not be seeking re-election as party president next September.  Here’s an excerpt from the Jamaica Observer – Many, including the youth arm of the party, Peoples National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO), have since called on her to resign.  PNPYO has
called for a change in the political vision being presented to the public, beginning with her as leader, as “the premier political movement in Jamaica, finds itself at a crossroads, where the noble institution has lost the faith, trust, and confidence of the majority of Jamaica’s people”.  Remember when she said she was waiting on God to give her a sign for the date of the 2016 general election. Do you think she waited on a sign from God to step down too? Hmmm.

Photos of Gully Bop and 50 Cent had us wondering what’s going on.


As the older folks say, ‘What nuh dead, nuh dash weh.’  Gully Bop came on the scene looking like this.  See picture below (apologies for the picture quality).


He skyrocketed to fame after a YouTube video of him singing. He was ‘cleaned up’ by Ms. Chin and that was quite a dramatic romance. As you all know, they are no longer together, but it was good while it lasted.  Gives me hope too. Maybe there’s a Mr. Chin out there just waiting to scoop me up lol.

Anyway, this year, photos of Bop and none other than 50 Cent surfaced and needless to say we were all shocked. There is speculation that ‘Fiddy’ will be casting Bop in his hit series ‘Power’ or that there is a collaboration in the making.  Well let’s see if the big reveal happens in 2017.

Mia-Skye captured our hearts. #prayforMia

I’m guilty of wasting time on Instagram.  Are you? It starts off with looking at just one picture, and before I know it I’m scrolling through tons more.  It was because of this however that I came across a little girl with a personality ten times as big as she is; Mia-Skye.  Sass, precociousness, charm, wise beyond her years are just a few of the words that sum her up.  I can always count on an amusing post to make me crack a smile or burst into full out laughter.  As you can probably guess, I’m about to launch into an epistle about Mia.  Just a short paragraph would never suffice for this shining star. I hope that in sharing her story, you’ll be encouraged to help her in any way you can.

Recently, Mia was involved in a serious car accident which left her near death.  As explained by her mother, Sasha, this is damage to several parts of her brain.  She had half of her skull removed in order for the doctors to remove a blood clot and bleeding in her brain.  Can you imagine your child or another loved one having to go through that? The part of the skull that was removed was placed in her abdomen in an effort to preserve it.  Due to complications she will instead have to get an artificial acrylic bone made to replace the part of the skull that was removed.  She may have to undergo more surgeries in the future as the artificial bone won’t grow with the rest of her head.

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Going back to the hospital yesterday was such a reminder of how good God has been to us. Kids that we left there who weren't as critical as Mia, were still there when we went back…sigh… As her tummy was being dressed yesterday her doctor kept saying "mommy I hope u know Mia is a miracle baby… Patients who come in, in her condition rarely make it to this point"..I told her its the prayers… and I know that God worked thru her as she tried to save her life. I remember hearing the doctors telling me that first night what it is they need to do and thinking " dear God a it dis.." But u see faith… It can truly move mountains! And the God we serve… Is a wonderful, merciful, forgiving, healing, miracle working God. I DOA know bout anybody else but I know I'm not deserving of all that He has done for me. I keep looking at all the posts I've made since all this and I keep thinking.. Bam yuh nuh see everything we beg God fi do di Boss just a come all the wayyy thruuu for u!! Mi wuda wicked if mi Neva talk… So we prayed that everything was OK at her evaluation and it was. Surgery date set for the next 2 weeks. GOD IS GOOD!!!! So let's pray that within the next 2 weeks she doesn't get sick and her body doesn't absorb anymore of the bone in her tummy… Thank u Jesus! Thanks #teamMiaSkye mi love unu… All the persons who send me their own personal stories with similar injury.. Unu give me hope. Thanks as always for the prayers and msgs… #prayforMia #justiceforKhajeelMais

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There are many things that Mia has had to relearn – seemingly simple things that we take for granted; holding a pencil, walking, etc. I don’t personally know Mia or her mother, but I check Sasha’s account (@badgyalbam) daily for updates on Mia.  I then share the posts on my Facebook page because there are so many other people who have fallen in love with this little girl just as I have, and want to know how she’s doing.  My Facebook friends message me thanking me for keeping them updated.  See, I’m telling you; she’s a special little girl.  It’s amazing to see the outpour of love, prayers and support from all over the world, and just as me, they don’t even know her.  She just has an indomitable spirit that captures you.

There are days I read Sasha’s posts and celebrate right along with her for victories whether big or small, and other days it breaks my heart when I see that Mia is experiencing a setback.  If I feel sad and down, I can only imagine how her mother feels.  This is her child, her baby girl, and there is no break from this ordeal. This is 24/7 for her.  She has had to go from watching her lie unconscious to undergoing surgeries and pretty much having to re-learn everything.  I am sure she wants to take her pain away but she can’t.  All she can do is be there for her.  Sasha is what I view as the epitome of strength.  Even through what must seem like the darkest of times, she still holds the faith and manages to keep it together for Mia.  Compare me to Mia and Sasha, and I just seem like a real wuss. I can be a really big complainer. When things don’t go the way I want, I’m often guilty of feeling all ‘woe is me.’  I look at this little girl and her mother and how positive they remain, and it is nothing short of amazing.

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I love u *kiss* ur ma best friend in the whole wide world. I love u * kiss* ur ma best friend in the whole wide world OK?… I love her soooo much!! I will NEVER stop praying for u! I will NEVER give up or lose faith!! U are my everything… I will do anything needed to have u back to ur usual self. I will sacrifice anything… I will give up everything! She's just 4… She looked at me and said "u sad?" And I sed " gweh nuh man u see nobody sad?" And she say "come here man"…. And I turned on the video…. I wud give my life in a heartbeat to take away all that you are going thru right now. I pray I can be as strong as u are one day… Even with all that u face, u see tears in my eyes and can comfort me…. God u see mi tears…. Oh God u hear mi cries… Sigggghh… But mi Nah stop pray Meemz.. Team Neva give up! Team affi stay strong! Team must have victory!! #GodAlone! #prayforMia

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I’m asking, as well as encouraging you to say a prayer for Mia and Sasha, and to donate towards Mia’s medical expenses if possible.  As you can imagine, her medical care is very expensive and she needs all the help she can get.  If you would like to donate, please see the below information:

Scotia New Kingston Branch
Account # 000946761 
Branch # 50575

Go Fund Me

What moments in 2016 stood out for you?