Loving The Skin I’m In


I love skin care and hair care!  Skin care is definitely going to dominate this post though.  I’m that girl who has honey and baking soda sitting on her bathroom counter.  If you haven’t tried that, you definitely need to.  The exfoliation is amazing and your skin feels so smooth and soft after!  Recently, and by recently I mean just this year, I decided to give makeup somewhat of a break.  I was never one to pile it on.  Lord knows I haven’t mastered contouring or anything like that.  My everyday routine was just some lightly applied makeup.  Even though it wasn’t heavily done, sometimes it felt like a real chore to remove it at nights.   That, along with a ‘new year, new me, unbothered’ feeling and generally just feeling more comfortable with myself helped me decide to start going about my day fresh faced. I totally understand how liberated Alicia Keys must have felt.  That being said, of course there are days I feel like primping, and out comes the foundation, eyeliner and so forth.  Come on now, I didn’t totally give it up.  I’m just glad I’m at a point where I’m equally comfortable with or without it.  Thankfully I had been taking care of my skin, or I can’t promise that I would have been comfortable enough to go without makeup.

That brings me to skin care products.  Recently I came across a natural skin care line called JAMNATURA.  It’s online based and offers a variety of products; soaps, creams, body oils and masks. I’m a stickler for products that are largely organic.  Of course being a Jamaican it sweetens the deal that these products are infused with Jamaican herbs and spices.  Winning! P.S. It doesn’t hurt that the sister duo behind this awesome new line has great skin.  I’m a believer already 🙂 The sisters describe the products as having ‘healing, regenerative and anti-aging properties.’  I’m most excited about the Dried Hibiscus Soap which is stated to offer benefits such as evening skin tone and controlling oily skin and clogged pores.  It gets better…from now until January 28th, 2017 at midnight JAMNATURA is offering 10% off the Dried Hibiscus Soap (while stocks last).  Just enter the promo code ‘HIBISCUS’ when you’re checking out.

Check out the site www.jamnatura.com and see the other products they have to offer.  You’re sure to find something that you like, just as I did.  I’d love to get your feedback.  Let me know what products you’ve tried from JAMNATURA or are going to try, and what your experience is like.