With Hard Work Comes…Success, Right?

Here I go with my random thoughts lol.  Know how every year you say the cliché, ‘This is my year’? And you sing along with conviction when Konshens comes on with ‘This year mi ago be the winner?’ Wait, wait, don’t forget Charly Black – sing it with me now…If mi nuh rich dis year, next year nah pass. Well a few years have passed, quite a few actually, and it doesn’t seem to be ringing true.  #IMPATIENTLYwaiting :/

The Stoplight Chronicles: Taking my Kindness for Weakness

Annoyed Face

I lamented to my Facebook friends recently about persons approaching me on the street with all sorts of concocted stories, and begging for money.  For my readers outside of Jamaica, you’ll see a little Patois used but you’ll be able to follow 🙂

The other day I pulled up to a stoplight and had my windows down (not the smartest thing).  I scanned the area and figured everything was good because the only suspect looking person was a man standing on the island with his back to me, about to cross the road. I started fiddling with the radio and the next thing I knew the man was at my window.  I frighten yuh si.  I must have either jumped or popped my eyes out because he said, “Miss please doe frighten.  Please miss.”  Doe frighten? Too late lol. I moved to turn up my window, and sounding quite distraught and baffled he said, “Why everybody turning up dem window? I doe understand. Why everybody in Kingston stay suh?”  Umm maybe because you’re frightening us lol.

Anyway, he starts telling me he’s from St. Thomas (just to clarify for overseas readers, this isn’t in reference to the island St. Thomas. It’s a parish in Jamaica)  He said he got a flat tyre or something and that the police gave him some money towards fixing it but he needs $X more.  I can’t remember how much he said.  He went on to say that he has fish in his car and that he would give me some if I give him the money towards his vehicle.  Please tell me why I would really want fish from this strange man?  Coulda all say it come from the sea of Galilee…it’s ok, no thanks.  He may have been lying about having car trouble but I just said well that’s between him and God.  I gave him some money and he said thanks, but would you believe he asked if I can’t give him the entire amount he asked for? Lol.  Mister man, here endeth my kindness because I don’t even know if you’re telling the truth.  I left him to find someone else to beg.

Ironically, after I posted about it on Facebook friends commented saying they too had encountered this same man, with this same story.  Just like me, they had been fooled.  He moves around to different areas scamming persons.  This just served to make my conviction even stronger that I am going to begin exercising great caution with my kindness.

I’ve even gotten scammed by persons who have been telling the same story for over eleven years.  I came home and told my mother about helping them and she enlightened me letting me know that she and my father had come across those very same persons with the same story years ago.  So after countless encounters like these, I’m on a break from beggars (Kindness yuh hear that? Keep yourself quiet) unless they have some type of deformity.  It’s always some ‘horse dead, cow fat’ story (as the saying goes).  I can’t always tell when they’re genuine so right about now, the good are going to have to suffer for the bad.  It’s very unfortunate it had to come to this but I have to take these measures to ensure this doesn’t happen anymore.

I’m feeling extremely weary of grown, hearty looking people who look at me as a young girl and have no qualms about stretching their hand out to me to beg.  I’m here budgeting and prioritizing and you just want the easy way out?  It’s like I’m afraid to leave the house.  They’re everywhere.  I have the urge to download Barrington Levy’s ‘Every Posse Must Work’ and play it when they approach me.  I have money because I work.  You should try it some time.

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Wait Your Turn

This is an experience I had a few months ago and posted about on Facebook.  I realize I’ve been neglecting my blog and posting mostly on Facebook.  Here goes…

I stood in line at the ATM today feeling quite impatient as I waited my turn. Finally it was my turn but when the man came out he said the machine was only dispensing limited funds. In the two seconds I took to contemplate whether or not I should go in and draw what I could or go to another ATM, the lady BEHIND me went ahead of me. I was annoyed and ready to say something but for some reason I didn’t bother to.  She ended up coming out and saying she wasn’t able to draw any money. Luckily, persons were there to ‘refill’ the machine.  When they were through the lady went ahead just as she did before. She took forever and a day. I was beyond irritated and thinking to myself that I would have been through and gone on my way if I had told her to wait her turn.  Well, she popped her head out and said the machine took her card. *Insert evil laugh here*  I said a quick thank you to the Lord because had she not skipped me, it would have been my card the machine took. ‪#‎dontskip‬ ‪#‎waityourturn‬ lol

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Children Ain’t Cheap



Wow, children are expensive.  Yes I only have dogs, not kids, but when I speak to people who do have children I realize what a major expense it is.  At the baby stage you have to think about formula and diapers, and it’s tons of diapers that they go through.  Then you throw in visits to the doctor, wipes, bottles, clothing, etc.  Next, you’re paying for pre-school and you’re going to want one that will lay an excellent foundation for your child.  This comes at a price.  I heard some prices and my, my, they aren’t cheap at all.  Then you’re thinking about prep/primary school and high school and in addition to the school fee, you’ll be receiving letters from the school begging for donations to this and that or informing you there will be a fun day on a certain day so hint hint you should send your child with additional money on that day.  It all adds up.

Now comes the big one…university.  If you even take out a student loan for your child, that doesn’t take care of tertiary level expenses completely as you’re going to have to buy books.  At that level books are very expensive.  I remember being in class and the lecturer asked my classmate where her book is.  She responded by saying that she doesn’t have it as she can’t afford it.  My lecturer then said to her, “Look at that Blackberry you have there on your desk and yet you can’t buy your books.” My classmate said, “You don’t know how I came by this phone.  It could have been a gift.”  My lecturer went on to say that if people can’t afford books then they shouldn’t attend university. Oh wow, who told her to say that?  You know the class took her on instantly!  I found it to be quite rude of her to say something like that.  In any case, there are so many ways to get around not having the books, for example you can borrow them from the library, share with friends or photocopy (even though there’s the copyright law).  Look at how many success stories come from persons with a poor or relatively poor background.  If they had someone like my lecturer in their ear they would not have achieved the things they have, as they would be feeling that education and success is reserved for the rich.

Parents, continue to do what you can for your children.  You will see the results of the sacrifices you made for them.  Hang in there!