2016: Year in Review

And just like that, it’s 2017 already. Every year we say that the year went by quickly, but for me, 2016 really and truly felt like it just flashed by.  As I usually do, I’ve rounded up the trending topics for the year.

Let’s dive right into it.

Jamaican men seemed to have lost their minds.

As the end of the year approached, there were quite a few cases of men seemingly snapping and brutally murdering their lovers (in some cases ex-lovers).  It all seemed so unreal, but domestic violence is very real.  I urge you to look out for your friends and family members.  Be on the alert for signs of abuse and don’t turn a blind eye.  You could be the difference between them living or dying.

It wasn’t only Jamaican men who seemed to lose their minds; the American police seemed to have gone crazy too.

It became common (too common) to see broadcasts about civilians being killed by the police in the United States of America. More often than not the victims were Black, and the officers’ actions were questionable.  Watching playbacks of the shootings often made me stop and wonder how in 2016 we were seeing such cruel and seemingly racist behaviour. How did we revert to this?

And in other news in America, Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Were you surprised? I was. Why? He made such crass and racist comments yet still he had such a large following.  That in itself made me realize a sad truth.  What do you think?  Did Hillary Clinton not do enough during her campaigning efforts to encourage the public to vote for her?  What were Hillary’s downfalls and what were the things that worked in Trump’s favour?

Fallen icons

We bid farewell to even more musical legends in 2016. I read a tweet that said we should lock the remaining musical greats in a vault to ensure their safety because we can’t afford to lose anymore. Agreed! Prince, George Michael and David Bowie all left us. Prince, he just seemed immortal, didn’t he? Sigh. We also lost actor Alan Thicke. I remember watching him on Growing Pains. I used to love that show. This year we also said goodbye to Fidel Castro; perhaps one of the most controversial figures of all time. Right as we were ready to close 2016, Carrie Fisher and right after, her mother Debbie Reynolds left us too.

Right here in our homeland Jamaica we were reminded that longevity is promised to no one.

Tears flowed for St. George’s College football captain Dominic James who collapsed while playing the game he loved, and was pronounced dead at the hospital. Whether you knew him or not, you couldn’t help but feel emotional. I think we all joined in mourning with his coach Neville Bell, his George’s family, parents and other loved ones.  We were plunged into mourning again at the stabbing death of Jamaica College student Nicholas Francis.  Over what? A cell phone.  This child’s life was taken because of a simple cell phone.  Another tragic occurrence was the plane crash in Greenwich Town which resulted in the deaths of Jonathan Worton, Dansheer Gilmore and Ramone Forbes. I didn’t know them, but I really felt it, and seeing posts from friends who actually knew them was very sad.

Delus, there is no way I could go on without acknowledging you. I didn’t know him either but when I read that he had committed suicide I couldn’t sleep. I happened to encounter him once and I very well knew who he was when I was walking past but I continued along as if I didn’t.  He gave me a big bright smile (which I guess is what I remembered when I couldn’t sleep) and said, “Gwaan like yuh doe wah smile.”  It wasn’t said conceitedly; it was all in good fun, and at that point we both burst out laughing.  As Chronixx sings, ‘They see me smile but they don’t know what I feel inside.’

I’d like you all to acknowledge that depression is real.  It is not something made up and it is not a sign of weakness.  We all have our troubles and sometimes it’s harder for some of than others to overcome them.  If someone is brave enough to open up and talk to you about something, don’t trivialize their problems.  Don’t dismiss them and tell them that someone has it worse than they do.  Whether that’s true or not, their problem is still just as important and very real to them.  It doesn’t disappear just because ‘someone else is worse off.’  Hear them out.  Also, don’t just throw a ‘pray about it’ or a scripture at them and send them on their way.  They’re struggling. They need more.  Why not offer to pray with them?  Someone opening up to you is a big step for them, and how you respond can either help or make the situation ten times worse.

For everyone we lost, whether named here or not, rest in peace.

We figured out Kartel’s secret.
On a lighter note….Yes!  We finally figured out how Kartel is still managing to put out music and rule the airwaves.  Okay, actually, the world may never know Adi’s secret but take a look at this video.  It was too funny not to share again.

JLP wins

The Jamaica Labour Party emerged victorious in the February 2016 general election.  Some persons felt that the PNP spent too much time focusing on Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ house versus real issues at hand. What are your views? Whatever the case, I can’t say I’ve ever seen such an interest amongst the younger persons in the population to go out and vote. I hope this trend continues. It was good seeing young people getting involved and making their voice be heard.

X6 Murder Trial

This case gained much public outcry, and even became a trending topic on Twitter.  Quite frankly I don’t even know where to begin to comment on this trial; it all seemed like such a fiasco.  All I will say is rest in peace Khajeel.

Spice served it up hot and spicy.
In honour of our athletes’ outstanding performance at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Government held a reception for them; the Sports Gala and Awards Ceremony, which took place at the National Indoor Sports Centre.  It wasn’t Asafa’s green suit that stole the show, neither was it Usain’s or Julian’s dance moves that left us talking.  No sir, it was dancehall artiste Spice who gave us a performance we will never forget.

For the full story, check out this link for my blog post on Spice’s performance https://shamzsays.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/too-spicy-for-you/

Portia Simpson Miller announced she is stepping down.

People’s National Party Leader Portia Simpson Miller gave the surprising announcement that she will not be seeking re-election as party president next September.  Here’s an excerpt from the Jamaica Observer – Many, including the youth arm of the party, Peoples National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO), have since called on her to resign.  PNPYO has
called for a change in the political vision being presented to the public, beginning with her as leader, as “the premier political movement in Jamaica, finds itself at a crossroads, where the noble institution has lost the faith, trust, and confidence of the majority of Jamaica’s people”.  Remember when she said she was waiting on God to give her a sign for the date of the 2016 general election. Do you think she waited on a sign from God to step down too? Hmmm.

Photos of Gully Bop and 50 Cent had us wondering what’s going on.


As the older folks say, ‘What nuh dead, nuh dash weh.’  Gully Bop came on the scene looking like this.  See picture below (apologies for the picture quality).


He skyrocketed to fame after a YouTube video of him singing. He was ‘cleaned up’ by Ms. Chin and that was quite a dramatic romance. As you all know, they are no longer together, but it was good while it lasted.  Gives me hope too. Maybe there’s a Mr. Chin out there just waiting to scoop me up lol.

Anyway, this year, photos of Bop and none other than 50 Cent surfaced and needless to say we were all shocked. There is speculation that ‘Fiddy’ will be casting Bop in his hit series ‘Power’ or that there is a collaboration in the making.  Well let’s see if the big reveal happens in 2017.

Mia-Skye captured our hearts. #prayforMia

I’m guilty of wasting time on Instagram.  Are you? It starts off with looking at just one picture, and before I know it I’m scrolling through tons more.  It was because of this however that I came across a little girl with a personality ten times as big as she is; Mia-Skye.  Sass, precociousness, charm, wise beyond her years are just a few of the words that sum her up.  I can always count on an amusing post to make me crack a smile or burst into full out laughter.  As you can probably guess, I’m about to launch into an epistle about Mia.  Just a short paragraph would never suffice for this shining star. I hope that in sharing her story, you’ll be encouraged to help her in any way you can.

Recently, Mia was involved in a serious car accident which left her near death.  As explained by her mother, Sasha, this is damage to several parts of her brain.  She had half of her skull removed in order for the doctors to remove a blood clot and bleeding in her brain.  Can you imagine your child or another loved one having to go through that? The part of the skull that was removed was placed in her abdomen in an effort to preserve it.  Due to complications she will instead have to get an artificial acrylic bone made to replace the part of the skull that was removed.  She may have to undergo more surgeries in the future as the artificial bone won’t grow with the rest of her head.

View this post on Instagram

Going back to the hospital yesterday was such a reminder of how good God has been to us. Kids that we left there who weren't as critical as Mia, were still there when we went back…sigh… As her tummy was being dressed yesterday her doctor kept saying "mommy I hope u know Mia is a miracle baby… Patients who come in, in her condition rarely make it to this point"..I told her its the prayers… and I know that God worked thru her as she tried to save her life. I remember hearing the doctors telling me that first night what it is they need to do and thinking " dear God a it dis.." But u see faith… It can truly move mountains! And the God we serve… Is a wonderful, merciful, forgiving, healing, miracle working God. I DOA know bout anybody else but I know I'm not deserving of all that He has done for me. I keep looking at all the posts I've made since all this and I keep thinking.. Bam yuh nuh see everything we beg God fi do di Boss just a come all the wayyy thruuu for u!! Mi wuda wicked if mi Neva talk… So we prayed that everything was OK at her evaluation and it was. Surgery date set for the next 2 weeks. GOD IS GOOD!!!! So let's pray that within the next 2 weeks she doesn't get sick and her body doesn't absorb anymore of the bone in her tummy… Thank u Jesus! Thanks #teamMiaSkye mi love unu… All the persons who send me their own personal stories with similar injury.. Unu give me hope. Thanks as always for the prayers and msgs… #prayforMia #justiceforKhajeelMais

A post shared by Sasha Sepaul -Brown (@badgyalbam) on

There are many things that Mia has had to relearn – seemingly simple things that we take for granted; holding a pencil, walking, etc. I don’t personally know Mia or her mother, but I check Sasha’s account (@badgyalbam) daily for updates on Mia.  I then share the posts on my Facebook page because there are so many other people who have fallen in love with this little girl just as I have, and want to know how she’s doing.  My Facebook friends message me thanking me for keeping them updated.  See, I’m telling you; she’s a special little girl.  It’s amazing to see the outpour of love, prayers and support from all over the world, and just as me, they don’t even know her.  She just has an indomitable spirit that captures you.

There are days I read Sasha’s posts and celebrate right along with her for victories whether big or small, and other days it breaks my heart when I see that Mia is experiencing a setback.  If I feel sad and down, I can only imagine how her mother feels.  This is her child, her baby girl, and there is no break from this ordeal. This is 24/7 for her.  She has had to go from watching her lie unconscious to undergoing surgeries and pretty much having to re-learn everything.  I am sure she wants to take her pain away but she can’t.  All she can do is be there for her.  Sasha is what I view as the epitome of strength.  Even through what must seem like the darkest of times, she still holds the faith and manages to keep it together for Mia.  Compare me to Mia and Sasha, and I just seem like a real wuss. I can be a really big complainer. When things don’t go the way I want, I’m often guilty of feeling all ‘woe is me.’  I look at this little girl and her mother and how positive they remain, and it is nothing short of amazing.

View this post on Instagram

I love u *kiss* ur ma best friend in the whole wide world. I love u * kiss* ur ma best friend in the whole wide world OK?… I love her soooo much!! I will NEVER stop praying for u! I will NEVER give up or lose faith!! U are my everything… I will do anything needed to have u back to ur usual self. I will sacrifice anything… I will give up everything! She's just 4… She looked at me and said "u sad?" And I sed " gweh nuh man u see nobody sad?" And she say "come here man"…. And I turned on the video…. I wud give my life in a heartbeat to take away all that you are going thru right now. I pray I can be as strong as u are one day… Even with all that u face, u see tears in my eyes and can comfort me…. God u see mi tears…. Oh God u hear mi cries… Sigggghh… But mi Nah stop pray Meemz.. Team Neva give up! Team affi stay strong! Team must have victory!! #GodAlone! #prayforMia

A post shared by Sasha Sepaul -Brown (@badgyalbam) on

I’m asking, as well as encouraging you to say a prayer for Mia and Sasha, and to donate towards Mia’s medical expenses if possible.  As you can imagine, her medical care is very expensive and she needs all the help she can get.  If you would like to donate, please see the below information:

Scotia New Kingston Branch
Account # 000946761 
Branch # 50575

Go Fund Me

What moments in 2016 stood out for you?

Sham’s Night Out


Twas late at night and granny Sham went out. Sometimes you gotta get out right? I went from loooving a night out to developing an affinity for staying in. Nowadays once you give me Netflix I’m good. Symptom of getting older maybe? Every now and then however, I do get the itch to do something so out I went last night. It was good company so that was a good start. I’m about to launch into a tirade and I have to wonder if the headache I was having last night (and still now as I type) had anything to do with why everything  got to me ten times worse than it usually would/should have. It was either that or I’m getting older and just over it.

Before entering the party, we stood in the parking lot for a bit, and I observed quite a few females walking in with who appeared to be their friends, but no, they couldn’t be friends. Friends wouldn’t let friends leave the house looking that way :/ Friends, if you see me looking off, please let me know. Please. Don’t go out with me looking a hot mess. I give credit where credit is due though, and ladies, some of you were on point! You could dress me any day.

Later on in the night I saw a swarm of men pass. I don’t mean a likkle drop. I mean a lot. Who usually rolls like that? Dancehall artistes. That therefore prompted me to turn to my friend and ask, “Did an artiste just pass?” Yup, it was Bounty Killer. See, it was so many men that I didn’t even see Bounty in the mix. That brought me to my second bout of pondering for the night. How come they (not all) travel in such large packs of men?  All I ever hear in their songs is ‘we nuh love man’ and ‘gyal to mi ting’ and so forth. They continuously drive this point home to us. Why then I wondered do they have such large entourages of men.  Anyway, fast forward…as soon as Bounty entered, the police locked off the party. Several patrons left but somehow later on the go ahead was given for the party to continue, and the ‘Poor People’s Governor’ took to the stage.

He gave a good performance; energetic and so forth, but unfortunately, my tirade continues. Everyone was excited and fully captivated as the ‘War Lord’ delivered hit after hit, but at one point I found myself pause to consider one of the lines from his song. It was ‘Run come up inna mi Magnum bwoy.’ What? Huh?  It continues ‘Stand up in front a mi shotgun bwoy.’  Best believe the crowd went wild when he sang it. Bap! Bap! Bap! I paused and thought, ‘Why do these violent lyrics excite us?’ I’ve heard these lyrics before but never put any thought behind it. Music can truly transform a message. You get lost in the beat and you don’t even realize what you’re rocking to and getting excited about.  Yes, I sound like a true granny right? And no, I cannot cast any stones because I too get carried away sometimes and don’t even realize what I’m being captivated by.

I stood there feeling like I was in the twilight zone as persons around me continued to ‘rail up.’  My headache wasn’t getting any better, and the bass was so heavy that it felt like it had become one with my heartbeat. I was over that, over glorifying violent lyrics, over the drinks spilling on me (okay fine, it was only once and only a little but I was miserable), over the exodus of people using the small space in front of me as a walkway.  O-ver it. It seems just about everything was getting to me. The persons I went with didn’t seem ready but I went back out to the parking lot where there were groups of people scattered about and waited.

Well, the police came back to lock off the party shortly after.  I heard Bounty sound very ‘cross, angry, miserable’ asking the police how they can lock off the party.  He told them that it’s Christmas and this is for the people.  While the people at the party were quite disappointed, I’m sure the persons who live nearby were happy to have the loud music come to an end. What was I happy about?  The fact that I was already outside so I had avoided being amidst the exodus of patrons leaving the venue.

Maybe it’s okay to be the girl who likes quiet nights in.  Granny Sham will still ‘do road’ every now and then, but I make no apologies for not wanting that on a frequent basis.  Maybe that will change. You never know. We constantly evolve, right?  I don’t knock anyone who loves to party.  Life should be lived to the fullest, and if partying makes you feel fulfilled, then hey, why not? To each his own.

Too Spicy For You?

spicsPhoto Credit: http://www.loopjamaica.com

In honour of our athletes’ outstanding performance at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Government held a reception for them; the Sports Gala and Awards Ceremony, which took place at the National Indoor Sports Centre.  It wasn’t Asafa’s green suit that stole the show, neither was it Usain’s or Julian’s dance moves that left us talking.  No sir, it was dancehall artiste Spice who gave us a performance we will never forget.

Dancehall is a HUGE part of our culture, so hey, including this genre in the performances for the evening was no shocker.  I’d like to know though what thought process made the organizers of the event arrive at booking Spice.  What songs was she to go on stage and sing that could be deemed appropriate for the event?  No, really. One of her ‘milder’ songs that comes to mind has lyrics that go like this – “Tell a gyal seh, me is a girl mi nuh fight over man. From mi likkle bit a jus suh mi tan. Dis yah gyal only wah gi him one. After dat him tun fool cah him jus get di bomb.  Tight ***** gyal nuh fight over man…’  I don’t think I need to continue.  Just imagine the rest of the lyrics. Actually, I did some research and found that she does have a song that is more ‘toned down.’  It’s called ‘Baby I Love You’ but before researching, I had neeeeever heard that song.  It clearly went to file 13.  Maybe there are other songs on the tame side, but as I said, I only know the popular ones that get a lot of airplay.  I’m sure this is the same for majority of persons.  They mainly know her lewd songs.  Knowing the nature of the songs that Spice has in her repertoire, I can’t say that she was a prime choice to perform at an event of this nature.  But fine, they booked her and she came out and sang her hits ‘Panda,’ ‘Suh Mi Like It’ and ‘Indicator’.  She didn’t get very far with ‘Indicator’ but we’ll get into that soon.

In my opinion the outfit seemed rather risqué for the occasion.  There she was with that sheer bit of her dress showing her bottom in all its glory.  My co-worker said, “She’s up there singing, “I got this thing round a back yah, mi know how fi shake it up like a shaker. Left to the right, move like indicator…Left side a jump, right side a jump. With lyrics like that, tell me what type of outfit you expected her to go up there wearing.”  I can’t agree with that one.  I’m partial to thinking that she could have gone even a tad demure for the event. Maybe just give us some cleavage and call it a day.  I mean this event was attended by the Prime Minister and other government officials.  As my co-worker also said, what she gave us was more of hazard lights than an indicator. Bwahahaha. Indeed!

I wasn’t there so I don’t know for a fact what the running order was like, but it seems there was a big blunder there.  Bwoy, no one took a second look at the running order and thought that it was a bad idea to have Spice perform after gospel singer Kevin Downswell?  That was a sin committed right there lol.  Imagine Kevin just took the people to church.  Glory!  They just got through hearing lyrics like this – ‘Lord I love You because You first loved me…’ ‘So I give You everything, no holding back.’  Well, it looks like Spice was listening backstage because she certainly gave us everything and didn’t hold back lol.  The reaction of some of the persons in the audience was just priceless, or should I say ‘Pryceless.’  Yeah Shelly, we saw you girl lol.  You know what though?  Had she gone up there and sang one of her file 13 songs (which would have been more appropriate), I can almost guarantee that still she would have gotten an awkward response from the audience. Most persons don’t know those songs so I can’t see Spice getting much of a positive reception from the crowd had she drawn for any of them. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t lol.  Some persons say that she received this response because people turn up their noses at dancehall.  They say that the same persons who snub Spice will go out and jump in Carnival.  Yes, it is true that some people do shun dancehall culture, and yes some of the persons tittering at Spice’s performance ‘carry on bad’ at Carnival, but guess what?  This was not Carnival; this was a reception for our athletes.  There is a time and place for everything.

But things got worse. Spice, how yuh salt suh? So, she directs them to drop the track for the next song, but not a track drop. No sah.  More like if you dropped a pin you would hear it. *cricket cricket* Well, I have to say that true to her name she handled the situation with such ‘grace.’  Realizing that ain’t no track dropping, she started singing ‘Indicator’ acapella.  Thankfully, some of the audience members clapped, giving her a rhythm and a little boost.  She sang a few lines, bowed, said ‘Thank you’ and exit the stage.  Spice, I have to give you your props mumz.  You held it together like a true performer.

But hold on, it doesn’t end there.  The next set of performers was a dance troupe and you won’t believe what music their dance was choreographed to!  None other than Spice’s ‘Indicator.’ On it comes, blaring through the speakers.  That is what you call adding insult to injury.  Yes, it was mixed with a samba type beat (if I heard the clip correctly) but…it…was…still…‘Indicator’.  From what I could see in the video clip, the dancers were in short shorts and every now and then would bend over, backs to the audience, bottoms up in the air.

So, the producer of the event, Lenford Salmon has commented on the matter.  He says that they have done several events of this nature in the past and had dancehall acts (he cited artistes like Mavado and Bounti Killer), and that they tailored their performances to conform to the event.  He also went on to say that they had spoken to Spice’s management team regarding same and were assured that she would conform.  Her attire and lyrics were raunchy but I have to say though that her performance did seem more toned down than what I have seen of her at other events.  In my opinion, she actually gave a performance that in comparison to some of her others could be considered ‘tame.’  It could have been much worse.  That being said, it went wrong from the minute they booked her.  As I said before, what popular songs does Spice have that wouldn’t make you want to cover your children’s ears?  Mavado and Bounty Killer are not only popular for their explicit hard core songs.  I mean Mavado can draw for ‘On the Rock,’ ‘Big League, ‘Give it All to Me’ (clean versions that is). The list continues.  And we know that Bounty Killer has popular songs where he isn’t in war lord mode.  Well people, Mr. Salmon said that Spice’s performance made the audience uncomfortable but he cites ‘technical difficulties’ for the track not being played.  I call foul on that.

I’ve shared my two cents.  What are your views?  Click the link below to watch the full video of Spice’s performance.  Clip courtesy of @TheRaahtedShow.

Spice’s Performance at the Sports Gala and Awards Ceremony

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With Hard Work Comes…Success, Right?

Here I go with my random thoughts lol.  Know how every year you say the cliché, ‘This is my year’? And you sing along with conviction when Konshens comes on with ‘This year mi ago be the winner?’ Wait, wait, don’t forget Charly Black – sing it with me now…If mi nuh rich dis year, next year nah pass. Well a few years have passed, quite a few actually, and it doesn’t seem to be ringing true.  #IMPATIENTLYwaiting :/

Opposition Leader in di Dancehall

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness was a guest judge on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall (MKQD) this month. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this program, it is a local talent show that airs on TVJ. It showcases upcoming artistes in the dancehall realm competing against each other and being critiqued by a panel of judges. I will admit that when I heard that Mr. Holness would be on the program I wasn’t quite certain how I felt about it. It seems I came to the decision that it was neither here nor there to me as it really wasn’t a pressing thought on my mind. I soon forgot about it and continued along. It became fresh on my mind again when I saw someone’s Facebook post denouncing Mr. Holness’ decision to appear on the program and it was followed by SEVERAL comments. It had minimum eighty comments! Some persons saw nothing wrong while others found it to be quite distasteful. Needless to say there was much debate and some amount of mud-slinging here and there as is the unfortunate norm when discussions involve politics.

Let me interject that as per an article in the Jamaica Observer, the executive producer and creator of MKQD said it was MKQD that approached Mr. Holness about being on the show and not vice versa. He also said that ‘to strike a balance,’ a representative from the PNP will be invited to appear on the show before the end of the season. I wonder who it will be…

I was having a conversation with someone and decided to ask her what she thought of Mr. Holness being on MKQD. I ensured to deliver this question in a neutral sounding manner and I am certain I achieved this because as I said earlier, I really wasn’t certain how I felt about it anyway. Her immediate reaction was ‘Huh?’ This was accompanied by wrinkled brows. As a very analytical and unbiased person (as past interaction with her has shown), I was curious as to what she would say. Right after reacting like that she said, “You know, at first it makes you go WHAT! however I thought about it a little more and think it’s actually a good move on his part. Look at the target audience for MKQD. These are the persons voting and who he needs to connect with, and he’s doing just that by appearing on this show.”

Her sentiments were echoed by several persons commenting on the Facebook post I mentioned, as well as on posts I saw elsewhere. It seems that while many people think Mr. Holness being a guest judge on the show comes across as ‘off colour’ and will hurt his career, there are just as many who believe it is a good political ploy. Their view is that it is an attempt to appeal to the masses who he knows are going out to the polling stations. They feel that it is a good move to connect with them through this well watched show and ultimately through an aspect of our culture (dancehall) which resonates heavily with them. That being said, persons who are of this opinion have also stated that this single act does not guarantee a sure win for his party.

The debate sparked something else that was food for thought. Brace yourself for several questions ahead…One, what specifically about him appearing on this show is unsettling or unacceptable? It promotes dancehall music. Does the inability to embrace his decision mean that we look down on dancehall music and perhaps the dancehall culture in general? In some cases the lyrics can be sexually explicit and at times glorify violent and immoral acts. Is that the problem? Is the problem that dancehall culture is thought to be beneath Mr. Holness? If beneath him, is it beneath all others in political office or would it be more acceptable for ministers whose portfolios are more closely related to culture? Would we more readily accept Minister of Youth & Culture Lisa Hanna or Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment Damion Crawford as guest judges?

Let’s try it from another angle. Is it that Mr. Holness’ appearance being denounced does not actually stem from persons’ thoughts about the dancehall culture, but instead about the program itself? Is the delivery of the program and/or the acts of poor quality and therefore what leads to the belief that he should not be affiliated with MKQD? I’m just throwing things out there. They’re not necessarily a reflection of my views. I’m simply trying to figure out what the bone of contention is.

Now I’m not an avid watcher of MKQD. I’ve watched maybe five episodes. I actually missed the episode with Mr. Holness but was able to find the clip on YouTube. I’ve uploaded it so you can watch it.

What is your take on Mr. Holness appearing on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall? Feel free to share your views. With that being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so please don’t victimize anyone if their opinion differs from yours. Let’s keep it civil guys.

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2014 in Review

This is a long overdue post.  Just as I did last year, I’ve done a year in review.  2014 was not without its share of happenings.  Let’s look at some of the noteworthy ones.

Usually it is the student being taught a lesson, but this time it was Di Teacha; Adidja Palmer aka Vybz Kartel to be specific. After what seemed like a mockery of a trial he was sentenced to life in prison.  Life sweet? Not anymore.  He won’t even be eligible for parole until after serving 35 years.  It seems however that despite being locked behind bars that we hear new music from him ever so often.

bop 2
There was Cliff Twang and then there was Rosie.  2014 gave us Gully Bop. He is without doubt an overnight sensation. I had no idea who this man was and then BAM! There he was on Sting posters and repeatedly in my Facebook news feed. I wish him luck and hope he will be able to achieve his dream of traveling. Bop says he dreams about it each night and looks out his window whenever he hears a plane flying past. I’m sure Miss Chin will have the seat right next to him on the plane.

  gully and chinbop and chin kissing  bop

We may not understand their relationship and may question just how real it is, but hey, let him bask in happiness. He used to live in a gully and now has a woman by his side. Now I most certainly could not see past his teeth (call me shallow) and the gully but Miss Chin seems to be able to, whether it’s for love or money.

From living in a gully to performing for scores of patrons at Sting, now that should make it resonate that dreams can come true.

bop at sting

chronixx‘And mi say here comes Chronixx.’  Chronixx hit the ground running and showed us he is a force to be reckoned with. Yes, he was around before 2014 but last year he really took over the airwaves with hit after hit and even had an appearance on NBC’s Tonight Show. 2014 seemed to be the year for a conscious music revolution. We also saw the likes of Kabaka Pyramid, Iba Mahr and Jesse Royal among others cementing their presence.

Wayne J warned us that it dung yah. Vitamin C, Panadol and insect repellent sold like never before. Why? Chik-V. The chikingunya virus descended on us like a plague. I was fortunate enough not to get it. If I did I would have been armed and ready though as I had a stash of vitamin C and Panadol on hand.
chik v
If Chik-V wasn’t enough of a scare, we were also faced with Ebola. Fear and pandemonium reigned. If someone even coughed I felt wary. Remember how the nurses at the Mandeville hospital behaved with the man they suspected of having Ebola? Giving thanks that Ebola did not make its way to Jamaica.

After advising that he was unable to walk and therefore could not attend the Courtney Walsh Awards to collect his award, a miracle occurred and Michael Frater was not only able to walk, but to party it up that same night.
The Observer reported him as stating that ‘he was sick, unable to walk and would require possible surgery to correct what was ailing him.’  The article went on to state that a member of Frater’s management team told journalists ‘that if Frater were to attend the function, he would have had to use crutches to assist in his movement, which he did not think would be appropriate.’  He however found it appropriate to attend Kamal Bankay’s birthday party at Ribbiz (and without crutches, hmm).

The Outameni scandal rocked the nation. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY MILLION DOLLARS jus suh.  I won’t even say anything more on this.  KMT

And in other government related news, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller ‘assured’ us that the government is doing less with more money.  Say what now?  Dwl.  What a slip of the tongue can do!

There was quite an uproar over a photo posted by Lisa Hanna. She posted a photo of herself wearing a swimsuit at of all places, the beach. What was she thinking?  Doesn’t she know that swimsuits are reserved for….oh that’s right, the beach! Really now, what was inappropriate about her photo?  It isn’t as though it was a thong bikini or her breasts were being flashed at us. She wasn’t even in a sexually suggestive pose.  In my opinion it really wasn’t that serious.  I do admit that taking the ALS ice bucket challenge at her desk didn’t seem to be the smartest move (as seen below):

The swimsuit ‘scandal’ however, nah. Nothing to see here. Let’s keep it moving.

We bid the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, the Honourable Roger Clarke farewell.  The outpour of love that was shown was something to behold. There was no political divide. He was indeed loved and looked up to by those on both sides of the fence. We also said goodbye to music legends William ‘Bunny Rugs’ Clarke of Third World and John Holt. They just don’t make music like that anymore. Prior to Bunny Rugs’ passing I posted ‘Committed’ by Third World on my Facebook page quite a few times.   From a little girl until now I have loved not only the song but the video. Here it is again. Enjoy!

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Music, Where are You?


I was driving along with my boss and there was some old school R &B playing…Jodeci was taking us back, way back.  I said to her that songs from that era were just the greatest and these songs nowadays just don’t compare.  I mean really, who can test old school Monica, Boyz II Men, Jon B, SWV…excuse me while I break into song *dum dada dum…I don’t know what it is that you’ve done to meeeee*  Then there’s Tevin Campbell who is one of my all time favourites, Joe, Jesse Powell (he had that song that goes like this ‘And baby it’s you, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you say my name and smile’).  If you allowed me to I’d go all day with these songs.  Songs from that period are just absolute classics!

Fast forward to today and gee I don’t know what happened.  My boss and I were laughing about how in the love songs today there’s always something thrown in there that makes you go hmmm.  As she said, one second the artiste is crooning and you’re singing along then suddenly it goes to b*tch this, n*gg* that.  Huh?  I started to say that some of our dancehall songs make me really wonder if anyone else is hearing what I’m hearing…’Deal wid mi breast like yuh crushing irish’ What? Why?