With Hard Work Comes…Success, Right?

Here I go with my random thoughts lol.  Know how every year you say the cliché, ‘This is my year’? And you sing along with conviction when Konshens comes on with ‘This year mi ago be the winner?’ Wait, wait, don’t forget Charly Black – sing it with me now…If mi nuh rich dis year, next year nah pass. Well a few years have passed, quite a few actually, and it doesn’t seem to be ringing true.  #IMPATIENTLYwaiting :/

Taking a Look at Moments from 2013


As 2014 approaches, let’s take a look back at 2013:

Fyah 105
2013 found us indulging in a guilty pleasure…Fiyah 105.  I call it a guilty pleasure because with the limited rotation that Fiyah has, it’s like listening to the same CD over and over again, but we just can’t get enough of it.  I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked.

Move over Cliftwang ‘cause Rosie jus tek weh yuh spot.  I watched the remix of Rosie’s interview more times than I can count.  It never gets old.  Bwoy in Jamaica anything can make you an overnight sensation.  Memba Rosie did all reach Sumfest.  In actuality it was a serious matter but Rosie gave us a dose of comedy with it.  “We need juuuustice!  How Too Cute and Too Sweet a guh sleep?  Call di contractor.  A nuh tutty grand fridge.”  Check out Rosie here – http://youtu.be/L4XT9JKJnn8  (of course I just watched it again and danced along)

Dutty Berry
Where have you been all this time?  You are just what the doctor ordered.  We can always count on Dutty Berry for a good laugh.  My personal favourite is ‘Why the hell are Jamaicans like this?’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFMb43fAGns)  Laugh till I weak!  You hit the nail on the head Dutty Berry.  Nuff times I hear my sister laughing like crazy and it’s because she’s watching one of his videos.

KSAC registered handcart operators
Handcart operators now have to pay an annual fee of $3,000.  I had thought there would have been great outrage on their part but no sah, they were quite cooperative.  I remember one being interviewed and he said it makes him feel more official.  Well, more power to you.

Tax on gas?
I was watching the news and it seems there may be plans to tax gas.  Try nuh bodda wid it ‘cause then all of us goin haffi Fred Flintstone it wid wi ten toe turbor… and I’m not about that life. 

Everything tun up
We used the saying ‘tun up’ for almost everything you can imagine…from tax, to describing parties, you name it.  It tun up!

Skyrocketing Dollar
One thing that most certainly tun up is the dollar.  Not looking good at all.

Top Athletes
Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce gave Jamaica yet another reason to be proud when they were named Male World Athlete of the Year and World Female Athlete of the Year respectively.  Well done! *pot cover*

 Tessanne Chin
Jamaica was unified by of all things, a singing competition.  We watched The Voice religiously and rallied around Tessanne.  Many can’t say they voted in a political election but they can most certainly say they voted for Tessanne.  Congratulations again Tessanne!  Yuh mek wi proud!

The death of an icon
We said goodbye to the legendary Nelson Mandela.  Where would we be without everything you did for us?  One of the things that amazes me about this great man is the fact that after being imprisoned for 27 years he did not come out a bitter man.  He remained positive.  There may only be a handful of us who possess this amazing and admirable quality.  If you step on my toe mi vex, much less… We salute you Mandela.  We also lost actor Paul Walker.  Gone too soon…

Bleaching documentary
I watched parts of this documentary with my mouth wide open.  In case you missed it, here’s the link – http://televisionjamaica.com/Programmes/AllAngles.aspx/Videos/27218 I was in disbelief at some of the things these men and women were saying, and even worse, the things they are doing to themselves.  Remember when Bobbette lifted her shirt?  Wow, she looked like when a croaking lizard is trying to camoflauge itself to match the colour of a white wall.  I was shocked and saddened when I saw her.  Yes, bleaching is not a new topic.  We’ve always known about it, but it was always a taboo subject; not something persons would have been willing to come on camera and discuss.  Years ago you definitely couldn’t have found a man to speak about bleaching on camera.  How the times have changed.  ‘Through’ or false?  ‘Throooooough’ (I couldn’t resist lol).

New delicacy in Portmore
Crocodile meat? Seriously? Chicken and dem other tings there was no longer sufficient?  What would possess them to start eating crocodile meat, worse to endanger their lives to catch the crocodiles?  Better unnu jus catch the mosquito and eat dem.  The mosquitoes in Portmore are certainly big enough for that.  Gwaan get rid of them so next time I come to Fort Clarence I don’t get attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes…as usual…

Bwoy Konshens, you were on a roll for 2013.  Everywhere we went we heard your songs playing.  You tell us fi siddung then when we did that yuh tell us seh we too hot fi stand up inna one spot.  Hit after hit.  Keep them coming.

Looking forward to 2014 and more memorable moments!  By the way, you think now that Tessanne said Jamaica has the worst roads that 2014 will be filled with paved roads?  Hmmm because if not, 2014 better have some George Jetson technology in store so we can start flying over these bad roads.